Welcome to 'Threads of Faith,' the podcast where the vibrant tapestry of Christ Community Church Kansas City comes to life. Sharing thought-provoking written and spoken insights crafted to nourish your faith and embolden you to make a lasting impact in your community for Christ. As the name implies, our community is bound together by threads of faith, weaving a beautiful narrative of shared beliefs, experiences, and devotion. Dive into the enriching tapestry of faith through our insightful audio blogs, accessible also at cckc.church, and embark on a journey of spiritual exploration that intertwines the unique threads of our community into a unified, uplifting whole.

Threads of Faith is where faith blossoms, connections deepen, and inspiration flourishes.

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BLOG | Bread for Jews, Bread for Gentiles

READ the written blog on our website:https://cckc.church/bread-for-jews-bread-for-gentiles/VISIT our blog:https://cckc.church/blog

BLOG | More Reflections on Time Spent with my Favorite Author J.R.R. Tolkien

READ the written blog on our website:https://cckc.church/more-reflections-on-time-spent-with-my-favorite-author-jrr-tolkien/VISIT our blog:https://cckc.church/blog

BLOG | Grumble Grumble

READ the written blog on our website:https://cckc.church/grumble-grumble/VISIT our blog:https://cckc.church/blog

BLOG | Under His Wings

READ the written blog on our website:https://cckc.church/under-his-wings/VISIT our blog:https://cckc.church/blog

BLOG | Reflections on Time Spent with My Favorite Author J.R.R. Tolkien

READ the written blog on our website:https://cckc.church/reflections-on-time-spent-with-my-favorite-author-jrr-tolkien/VISIT our blog:https://cckc.church/blog

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